Welcome to Mugha Fireworks

Mughal Fireworks, is the pioneer display fireworks company in India with over decades of experience in fireworks displays and special effects. Mughal Fireworks has had the honor to serve its clients with displays, ranging from small-scale indoor concerts to grand-scale remotely synchronized aerial displays & pyromusicals. All our displays are tailored to fit our clients requirements, providing a great deal of flexibility in order to entertain all customers whatever their budget may be.

Fireworks are usually and most commonly associated with aerial displays and explosions but believe that its splendors are no longer limited to skies! With our constant efforts, we have also introduced fireworks both on land and water.

Advanced lighting techniques, later laser fireworks, indoor fireworks set us apart from our contemporaries. Sparkling and Spectacular fireworks are the most thrilling, joyful and well organized entertainment. It has captivated audiences for centuries. We give an exiting sensory experience combining light & sound with emotions & joy, yet keeping in mind the paramount priority: Safety.